Property Investments - By Daniel Starkman, Broker / Agentstarkman realty

(EJNews) – I am frequently asked by people if I think they should consider investing in a home, condo or townhouse; either for themselves or as a rental property. Anecdotally and statistically a tangible investment such as real estate has proven to be a beneficial investment especially at a time when interest rates are so favourable and in fact at all-time lows.

Sales of property in the greater Edmonton area are strong despite the recent downturn in the oil and gas industries. As of April 30, 2016, the average single family property in Edmonton sold in 35 days. Condos listed sold in 45 days. Inventory levels in Edmonton’s market are up by as much as 18%; however, single family residential homes are still selling faster than they were one year ago.

Since your realtor is one of the many professionals you deal with, it is critical to establish your relationship of confidence and trust with him or her. Real Estate professionals go through substantial training and have experience with a variety of sales scenarios. More particularly they are or should be sensitive to current market conditions. It is important to carefully choose the type of brokerage and associates and consider what they offer in terms of scope, history and skill set. Take your time when seeking professional real estate services and choose with care because an investment in real estate is not only a significant financial commitment, but one that has long term impact on your lifestyle.

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